I’m back! + Where have I been

OOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGG like can we please take a moment, like wow I can’t believe I am finally writing again.

I want to deeply apologies for my extremely long absence. I feel like it’s been years since I wrote, like literally years. But don’t worry I am back now and we can all co exist again.

I suppose I should just say it out and about that my laptop broke! Yeah I know shocking. It all happened a month ago when I was in Croatia. I was busy doing something and decided to upload the blog post which I had originally planned on posting that day; when all of a sudden as I am carrying it to the bedroom I dropped it a little too hard on the bed and it smashed somehow. Which is weird considering it was a very soft bed so I didn’t think something like that was even possible? Anyway it broke and I don’t mean just the mask covering it, I mean like nothing: the keyboard, the mouse all of it. So there was nothing we could do except put it back in the case and wait until we got back from our vacation to fix it. I stood as patient as I could and waited. Days, weeks  and finally a whole month past before my parents told me that my laptop was finally fixed.

Again I am deeply sorry for the long wait. And to make it up to all of you I will be posting 2 new post from our trip from both Croatia and Austria.

Love you all so much and I hope you have a great day.

Mini week in Greece


Greetings darlings, first let me just say how sorry I am for not posting these past three days. But don’t worry there is an answer to that.

This last weekend I went on a little mini break to Greece. And as far as I could tell it was a truly hard and detestable week.

My father and I were on the road at about 8:00 in the morning. We reached the boarder at 10:00 and whole and behold a huge influx of cars and people waiting to cross over the country. Now this in particular was very difficult situation as the temperature were off the charts; almost 80°C. We were stuck in there for 4½ hours, in dry heat, with no water, people taking pictures of the collision and posting them to Facebook and so on. By the time we finally crossed we were soaking wet from sweat; we looked as though we had jumped in a pool with all our clothes still on.

After about an hour we finally arrived at our location. We unpacked and went straight to the beach. The water there that evening was rather filthy I guess you could say. There was so much seaweed and vegetation that it looked more like a pond than a sea. Later that night we had lunch with our friends there and I left early because I was so tired, like literately I feel asleep the moment my head touched the pillow.

The next day brought with it new adventures. Following breakfast we again went for a swim. This time the water was much cleaner and clearer due to rays that were emanating from the sun.

By the way I also forgot to mention that while I was asleep that night my legs served as a late night snack for mosquitoes. When I awoke the next morning my legs had little bumps that were red in color and excruciatingly itchy.

We had a nice quite lunch following which I took the longest bap of my life. I am not normally fatigued while on vacation, but the hot sun and the swimming took their tool on me.

The last day of our trip we had one last swim before packing our backs and heading back to Skopje. Along the way the weather kept changing from rainy to dry like clockwork. It was almost as if it could’t decide if it wanted to rain or not.

I graduated


Attention ladies and gentlemen, It is with great honor to say that I have officially graduated from high school.

These past 4 years have definitely been a whirlwind, but I enjoyed every second of it – the ups, the downs, the late night studying, school fights, homework, test…

I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me and I am so excited to see what the next chapter of my life holds.

Gender roles


One of the most important world issues to have ever existed is the roles of gender and/or gender stereotypes. Now I am no expert on this subject nor is this post intended to discriminant genders, these are just my own personal opinion on the subject.

Now then, the official definition in the dictionary is that “Gender roles is a set of societal norms dictating the types of behaviors which are generally considered acceptable, appropriate, or desirable for people based on their actual or perceived sex or sexuality.”

Here, I’ll give you an example using words that would describe a “perfect” man and woman,

Man: strong, though, muscular, buff, beard, muscle, sports, video games, messy…

Woman: feminine, petite, pretty, housewife, cooking, cleaning, raising children…

These ideas of how a man and a woman are suppose to act and behave based on their gender has existed since the begging of time. Men would always be the ones to fight, go to war, hunt; whilst women’s place was at her home looking after her children and house. In those days if a woman was said to go to war or a man was not to have a beard, it was closely a taboo and something that discriminated people even to the point of death (execution I mean).

As time went on these ideas slowly began do diminish. However they were not completely abolished.

From the Second world war to the present there have been many incidents involving gender discrimination and women’s rights. Women in those days didn’t have any rights none whatsoever. They weren’t allowed to vote, they weren’t allowed to join in on wars, they weren’t even allowed to work. And why? All because they were seen as the weaker sex, like quite slow mice who wouldn’t even understand anything in a “men’s world”. As a result, this sparked numerous strikes and debates for women’s right and equality.  Although today many women do have their rights and privileges, there are some country’s who still refuse to accept these conditioners and still treat women as though they are not worthy or something.

On the other hand, men too have been discriminated but in a different and provocative way. A lot of the times, at schools you might encounter someone who presents such ideas and stereotypes. Often these people are huge and muscular with small beards who show off in front of everyone (especially girls). For this reason they are usually very popular due to their representation of  “being a man”. However in today’s modern society such thoughts and people are rarely real. There are some people and I am sure you might be one of these who lets say for example wants read teen vogue, or wants wear bright colorful clothing or dye their hairs in neon (yes such people exist, don’t pretend like you have never seen or heard of them). But you, see the problem with that is that these kinds of  wants and desires are are the very foundation on which discrimination hangs on. I mean, lets say your a young man still going to high school and you like to wear a pastel pink outfit. Your happy and you love to do that however the other kids won’t. They most likely assume that your gay or a cross dresser or something and will probably subject you to bullying (physical, cyber, emotional…). This is a very disgusting and mean act to subject someone to, just because they do things differently. I mean just because you wear bright clothes and like rainbows doesn’t make you gay, it just means that you prefer to wear such clothing and like certain colors that are “not appropriate for boys”

So to summarize, girls if you want to play video games, wear jeans and big t-shirt, if you don’t wanna wear make up or cut your hair… and guys if you wanna dye your hair pink or buy mattresses with flower prints, just remember that these thing make you happy and that you don’t need to bother with what other people say or comment about you.

disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post. All thoughts and information have been researched by me.





Sky porn


In today’s post I share my undying love for cloud/sky photography. It is one of my all time favorite things to photograph. I love the different colored sky that has ranged from red to pink to blue etc… I am so lucky to live in an area were the sky shows it’s true color as well as its majestic beauty.

Skopje in Baroque

287290288292289293299294295296297298I was recently looking at some old photos I took a couple of years ago and was seriously taken aback at how great they all turned out. At the time I took these I wasn’t sure weather or not they would be good or not. Well all I can say is I still got it (even then).

My first

207Hey. First off I am very happy to say that I have finished with almost all of my exams and have been officially accepted into my dream university (more of that to come). All that aside I posted this picture of the countryside simply to remind myself to take a moment and allow my brain to calm down from all the stress and panic I have in my life. I hope that in time you will also find balance in your life and to not fiddle – faddle with every single responsibility in your life.

Photo credit: me