Gender roles


One of the most important world issues to have ever existed is the roles of gender and/or gender stereotypes. Now I am no expert on this subject nor is this post intended to discriminant genders, these are just my own personal opinion on the subject.

Now then, the official definition in the dictionary is that “Gender roles is a set of societal norms dictating the types of behaviors which are generally considered acceptable, appropriate, or desirable for people based on their actual or perceived sex or sexuality.”

Here, I’ll give you an example using words that would describe a “perfect” man and woman,

Man: strong, though, muscular, buff, beard, muscle, sports, video games, messy…

Woman: feminine, petite, pretty, housewife, cooking, cleaning, raising children…

These ideas of how a man and a woman are suppose to act and behave based on their gender has existed since the begging of time. Men would always be the ones to fight, go to war, hunt; whilst women’s place was at her home looking after her children and house. In those days if a woman was said to go to war or a man was not to have a beard, it was closely a taboo and something that discriminated people even to the point of death (execution I mean).

As time went on these ideas slowly began do diminish. However they were not completely abolished.

From the Second world war to the present there have been many incidents involving gender discrimination and women’s rights. Women in those days didn’t have any rights none whatsoever. They weren’t allowed to vote, they weren’t allowed to join in on wars, they weren’t even allowed to work. And why? All because they were seen as the weaker sex, like quite slow mice who wouldn’t even understand anything in a “men’s world”. As a result, this sparked numerous strikes and debates for women’s right and equality.  Although today many women do have their rights and privileges, there are some country’s who still refuse to accept these conditioners and still treat women as though they are not worthy or something.

On the other hand, men too have been discriminated but in a different and provocative way. A lot of the times, at schools you might encounter someone who presents such ideas and stereotypes. Often these people are huge and muscular with small beards who show off in front of everyone (especially girls). For this reason they are usually very popular due to their representation of  “being a man”. However in today’s modern society such thoughts and people are rarely real. There are some people and I am sure you might be one of these who lets say for example wants read teen vogue, or wants wear bright colorful clothing or dye their hairs in neon (yes such people exist, don’t pretend like you have never seen or heard of them). But you, see the problem with that is that these kinds of  wants and desires are are the very foundation on which discrimination hangs on. I mean, lets say your a young man still going to high school and you like to wear a pastel pink outfit. Your happy and you love to do that however the other kids won’t. They most likely assume that your gay or a cross dresser or something and will probably subject you to bullying (physical, cyber, emotional…). This is a very disgusting and mean act to subject someone to, just because they do things differently. I mean just because you wear bright clothes and like rainbows doesn’t make you gay, it just means that you prefer to wear such clothing and like certain colors that are “not appropriate for boys”

So to summarize, girls if you want to play video games, wear jeans and big t-shirt, if you don’t wanna wear make up or cut your hair… and guys if you wanna dye your hair pink or buy mattresses with flower prints, just remember that these thing make you happy and that you don’t need to bother with what other people say or comment about you.

disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post. All thoughts and information have been researched by me.






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