Mini week in Greece


Greetings darlings, first let me just say how sorry I am for not posting these past three days. But don’t worry there is an answer to that.

This last weekend I went on a little mini break to Greece. And as far as I could tell it was a truly hard and detestable week.

My father and I were on the road at about 8:00 in the morning. We reached the boarder at 10:00 and whole and behold a huge influx of cars and people waiting to cross over the country. Now this in particular was very difficult situation as the temperature were off the charts; almost 80°C. We were stuck in there for 4½ hours, in dry heat, with no water, people taking pictures of the collision and posting them to Facebook and so on. By the time we finally crossed we were soaking wet from sweat; we looked as though we had jumped in a pool with all our clothes still on.

After about an hour we finally arrived at our location. We unpacked and went straight to the beach. The water there that evening was rather filthy I guess you could say. There was so much seaweed and vegetation that it looked more like a pond than a sea. Later that night we had lunch with our friends there and I left early because I was so tired, like literately I feel asleep the moment my head touched the pillow.

The next day brought with it new adventures. Following breakfast we again went for a swim. This time the water was much cleaner and clearer due to rays that were emanating from the sun.

By the way I also forgot to mention that while I was asleep that night my legs served as a late night snack for mosquitoes. When I awoke the next morning my legs had little bumps that were red in color and excruciatingly itchy.

We had a nice quite lunch following which I took the longest bap of my life. I am not normally fatigued while on vacation, but the hot sun and the swimming took their tool on me.

The last day of our trip we had one last swim before packing our backs and heading back to Skopje. Along the way the weather kept changing from rainy to dry like clockwork. It was almost as if it could’t decide if it wanted to rain or not.


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