My uncle’s apartment

We went to visit my uncle in his temporary residence till they finish work on their new home and I am absolutely obsessed with the look I naturally had to share it.


Waffle dreams

While scrolling on instagram recently I came across this amazing blogger called  Barbora Ondrackova who runs her own fashion blog called Vogue Haus and of cores I instantly faved it. She is seriously a very extraordinary and wanderlust goals person. She is constantly traveling and always has time to take cute pictures of food and desserts like… Continue reading Waffle dreams


Some Athens from Skopje


Lost in the forest (or park)


Tuesday isnspo

Today I was feeling bored and decided to stay at home in bed and watch some flix.



This completely applies to me. I have a tendency of overthinking and worrying about the smallest of problems which can cause me extreme pressure and stress. It is something I am struggling with which I don't personally feel as if I am making any kind of improvement. Though I am trying my best and giving… Continue reading Overthinking


Taking blogging to the next level

Greetings darlings, loves, sweethearts And how are all of you this fine new day in the new month. So lately I have been thinking about the kind of content I want to share with you all here and I have come to a decision that will hopefully have a great impact on this platform: I… Continue reading Taking blogging to the next level


Packing up and getting away from it all

Sometimes life is full of heavy bumps and stressful turns. Therefore it is necessary to take a break, whether it be for a few days or an entire week to help rejuvenate your energy and straight.


Rainy days

Hello darlings, I am currently sitting in my bedroom studying for make up exams and the outside is really being a drag today. Clouds came from the far east and it began raining cats and dogs here. As it progressed it transitioned from rain to hail. I believe this might be an omen about my… Continue reading Rainy days


High school change, life change

Today's post is a little different than usual. I will and want to share a personal story which may or may not be helpful depending on how you will view it. It's my story of how changing high schools impacted my life and how it shaped me into a better person. The story begins when… Continue reading High school change, life change