The wonders of Vienna

Ahh Vienna. One of the most amazing places I have ever had the pleasure of visiting. We stayed at one of my mom's friend and her apartment was just fabulous. Every day we would wake up and just explore the entire city and it was the most spectacular experience of my life. We first went… Continue reading The wonders of Vienna


Sky porn

  In today's post I share my undying love for cloud/sky photography. It is one of my all time favorite things to photograph. I love the different colored sky that has ranged from red to pink to blue etc... I am so lucky to live in an area were the sky shows it's true color… Continue reading Sky porn


Skopje in Baroque

I was recently looking at some old photos I took a couple of years ago and was seriously taken aback at how great they all turned out. At the time I took these I wasn't sure weather or not they would be good or not. Well all I can say is I still got it… Continue reading Skopje in Baroque