Packing up and getting away from it all

Sometimes life is full of heavy bumps and stressful turns. Therefore it is necessary to take a break, whether it be for a few days or an entire week to help rejuvenate your energy and straight.


A cherry thought

Fruit has always been a complimentary part of my life. Whether at home, outside or on the road, you will always find me carrying some sort of delicious nutrients in my bag.


First time in Zagreb Croatia

  So after finally fixing my camera and transferring all the photos to my computer I finally can post this. Zagreb was truly an amazing place. We stayed with a friend of ours who works a guided tourist and who took us to many amazing places. We ate at amazing restaurants and visited so many… Continue reading First time in Zagreb Croatia


Sky porn

  In today's post I share my undying love for cloud/sky photography. It is one of my all time favorite things to photograph. I love the different colored sky that has ranged from red to pink to blue etc... I am so lucky to live in an area were the sky shows it's true color… Continue reading Sky porn


My first

Hey. First off I am very happy to say that I have finished with almost all of my exams and have been officially accepted into my dream university (more of that to come). All that aside I posted this picture of the countryside simply to remind myself to take a moment and allow my brain… Continue reading My first